CNA License Renewal – How To Renew Your License

September 9, 2011

CNA License Renewal

CNA License Renewal

Unfortunately CNA licenses do not stay active forever but you can renew them by following a few steps. The act of CNA license renewal is to be done every one to two years, which more often than not your renewal date is either close or on your birthday, but depends on which state you live and work in. The steps that you must adhere to for CNA license renewal are listed below:

CNA License Renewal Prerequisits

  • The first step to CNA license renewal that you must follow is that you must have worked a certain amount of time as a CNA during the last year or two, which is usually a minimum of 150 hours, but again this can vary as well with each state. To verify how many hours you need to complete, you can check it with your states Nursing Aide Registry who will provide you with the exact number. These work hour requirements are just to make sure that you are up to snuff on the newest skills needed in order to succeed at the CNA Profession.
  • You must also keep your information current. If there are any changes thorughout the time before your next renewal, you will have to let your states Board of Nursing know. This can be done easily as active CNA’s get documents in the mail every so often asking if any of their personal information has changed.
  • Renewal forms in some states actually require you to prove that you have furthered your education with a certain amount of credits during each renewal. This can be through schooling or other specified training and can be a great way to both get the training you need for renewal and make you look more valuable on resumes, which in turn can lead to higher pay.
  • You must also make sure to keep away from trouble in order to have the best chances of CNA license renewal. Any convictions can lead to a CNA being banned from working in the profession.
  • You must also prove that you ar either a citizen or qualifying non citizen.

CNA License Renewal – How To Renew Your License

The best thing that you can do now is to contact your states Board of Nursing and inquire about the above and if they apply to the state you are living in. You will want to take note of all the requirements you must follow so that you know the exact numbers you must acheive to be able to attain CNA license renewal. They will also give you information on where you can fill out your renewal form, which the options are either online or mailing in a form that they provide you with. After you have submitted the renewal forms, it usually takes about two weeks before your CNA license renewal is complete.

Try your best to follow these specifications to a tee because many states will require that you take and pass your CNA testing again if you didn’t stay active.


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