CNA Job Duties – A List Of All The Duties

May 5, 2012

CNA Job Duties

CNA Job Duties

A certified nursing assistant is essentially an individual who works directly under the supervison of those hold positions as nurses and doctors, in which the provide a helping hand to patients when it comes to things that one used to do by theirselves but due to their age or any other reason that they are being cared for, cannot do anymore requiring daily assistance. Now there is a pretty wide range of CNA job duties that are executed on a daily basis, in which tasks tend to be much more simple compared to the nurses job description, but altimately the scope of the CNA practice is set out by what kind of place the CNA works at as well as whether or not their are certified as usually certified nurse aides are aloud to do more than one who is simply a “nurse aide” which doesn’t require any real formal training.

When it comes to learning what your CNA job duties would be, it would be most apparent when you start taking a state approved CNA course as accredited courses teach all that you are able to do as a CNA in your state, which you will be either carrying theĀ certified nursing assistant dutiesĀ out with one patient if you provide hospice service or multiple which can range from 2 to 5 or more patients in other care settings like nursing homes and hospitals.

  • Keeping tabs on patients Health Condition and Care Report.
  • Adhering to and protecting patient rights.
  • Tending to wounds that patients have.
  • Taking the temperature of patients and other vitals like their pulse and respiration and recording them, monitoring their progress and seeing if they are consistent to the last times you have checked them.
  • Making sure patients rooms are neat and clean.
  • Visiting rooms when patients press their call light.
  • Working with patients on their specific routines and reginmens.
  • Informing patients about changes in things like their exercise or medication reginmens.
  • Helping with the process of eating.
  • Doing patient bed baths.
  • Provide assistance during therapeutic activities along with recreational events.
  • Making sure the supply cabinet is fully stocked.
  • Taking part in the process of bringing a patient in to the facility along with discharging and transferring patients is one of the CNA job duties as well.

The above list shows you what your CNA job duties would include if you attained a job in your area, which the last main aspect of being a CNA and the role of a CNA is to ahdere to the mission of what the facility is along with their goals as well objectives that they stand by and want to acheive. Ulimately the CNA work description has to do with being on the lookout for what the nurse needs to know and getting information to nurses that will help them be able to do the job duties that they need to do, which you can administer the CNA job duties at anytime of the day due to the fact that CNA shifts range from morning to night and everywhere in between.

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