CNA Exam Questions & Information

September 12, 2011

CNA Exam

CNA Exam

If you looking to become a CNA, then passing the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP).. Passing your CNA exam will enable you to work in a care facility as well as earn a salary, all within just weeks or months of training. Your CNA training must be completed within a two year time frame from the date that you finished your class training.

Your CNA exam will broken down into two different sections, the written portion as well as the practical portion and a passing grade is anything above 75 to 80 percent depending on the state. What will be involved in each section of your CNA exam is discussed below as well as valueable tactics you can use to prepare for test day.

Written CNA Exam

The written portion of your CNA exam provides you with a two hour time frame to complete your test. This section is going to test your overall all knowledge of the CNA profession. This is what your written CNA exam will consist of:

  • 10 multiple choice questions (non scored) and are intellectual questions for statistical purposes.
  • 60 multiple choice questions.

Practical CNA Exam

This is where they will test you on the techniques of patient care, or your clinical skills testing. The clinical testing will allow you 25 minutes and your skills will be checked and graded by your teacher or a designated professional. Here is what you will be doing in your practical CNA exam:

  • You must act out 5 random patient care techniques. Some of these techniques can include; checking different vital signs, medical equiptment set up and break down, controling infection and more. Tip: Don’t forget to wash your hands before performing the clinical skills techniques, as this is a mistake that can lead to not passing!

Once you pass both of these sections, you will be certified as a CNA, and your name will be entered shortly there after into your states Nurse Aide Registry. Being in the Nurse Aide Registry will allow you to work as a nurse aide in your area as well as prove to employers that you are a knowledgable and safe addition to the work place as all employers check with the registry before hiring new employees.

If you happen to not pass, you can retake the CNA exam testing up to two or more time depending on the state.

Preparing For Your CNA Exam

It is always a good idea to prepare for your CNA exam so that you will both have the knowledge and confidence needed to ace your test. Here are a few suggestions that you can use that will help you be well prepared come test time:

  • Taking a practice test is a good call when it comes to getting you fully prepared for your CNA exam. There is a great certified CNA test provider called Prometric who also offer CNA practice exams which will give you a great feel for what the multiple choice section will be like. For more information on Prometric, click here: CNA Exam. These practice tests, also called “test drives” usually cost a small fee, around 30 dollars, but is worth it’s weight in gold.
  • For acting out the clinical skills, a great way to prepare for this portion of your testing is to go on Youtube and watch the various tutorials that are being offered. You can go through each one you learned in class, entering the name or description of it into Youtube and watch the videos which can be paused are rewinded.
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