CNA Duties – Job Description of a Nurse Aide

November 19, 2011

CNA Duties

CNA Duties

There are various cna duties that an working nurse aide does on a daily basis in order to assist their patients as well as help the entire operation run smoothly. These nurse aide duties are for the most part learned in a CNA course, on which takes anywhere from a few weeks to up to a few months to complete, where student attain knowledge in both a classroom as well as a clincial setting, where students get hands on training and get a feel for what they will be doing on the job. The best way to introduce you to the duties of a CNA is to list off main parts of the nurse aide job description, which below are the major tasks that CNA’s take upon everyday at work.

CNA Duties List

  • Changing bed pans as well as swapping out bed sheets along with making beds to ensure optimal patient comfort.
  • Tending to patients who push their signal calls.
  • Turning patients every so often to avoid them from getting bedsores.
  • Changing catheder bags from time to time is part of the CNA job description.
  • Keeping track on how many visitors are coming to see your patients, and monitoring a small enough amount so that your patient doesn’t become overwhelmed. This also includes providing them with information before entering the room like if they should wear a facial mask or the distance that they should keep from the patient, this is the case especially in hospitals.
  • Assisting patients with using the restroom as well as assisting them with bodily cleanliness.
  • Charting different information on your patients which can include; consumption changes, mood changes, how many times they used the restroom, changes in patient conditions, among others.
  • Relaying your charted information to both the RN as well as the CNA that comes on at the conclusion of your shift.
  • Testing different vitals on patients, which can inlude; respiration, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and more.
  • Building and maintain good relationships with your patients which will enable them to feel at home as well as not feel ashamed during times that can be embarassing for them
  • Preparing meals as well as bringing meals to patients in the cafeteria, along feeding patients both manually as well as through food tubes. This can also include cooking your patients meals if you are working as a hospice nurse, which is one who attends to one patient at their own home.
  • Setting up and breaking down medical equiptment as well as steralizing the equiptment.
  • Providing wound care so that you can contain infections from spreading.
  • General upkeep of your patients rooms as well as making sure that the room is safe and nothing can fall or get in the way of patients.
  • Providing healthcare plans as well as explaining these plans to family members of patients who will be taking their loved one home is also one of the main CNA duties.
  • Escorting patients to different appointments.
  • Helping patients up as well as guiding them down to and from beds as well as wheel chairs.
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