Exact Steps To Attaining Your CNA Certification

February 7, 2012

CNA Certification

CNA Certification

Obtaining your CNA certification will allow you to become part of a highly damanded profession as well as be able to earn a salary of around $27,000 a year, which you can start earning right after the completion of your certified nurse aide certification course, which last anywhere from 2 to at the most 12 weeks.

  1. The first step towards attainin your nurse aide certification is to contact your states nurse aide registry, as they maintain a database of all the accredited courses that are being offered in your state. Once you have contact them, there is likely to be a host of different options in your immediate area which CNA certification courses are offered in places like community colleges and vocational schools as well as through nursing homes and hospitals along with long term care facilities, which the training is offered at a different location. Also if a course is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, then it will no doubt qualify one to be able to take the competency evaluation.
  2. Next, you will want to enroll in the course, which admittance will depend on having certain prerequisites like a clear medical and physical exam, a clean background check, be a certain age which can range from a minimum of 16 to 18 depending on the state as well as a high school diploma or GED. All CNA certification programs demand different admission requirements so it is best to contact the program you wish to attend and inquire through them about the prerequisites needed.
  3. The third step is taking the course, which you will want to verify what type of attendence is needed to pass the course, which most often than not perfect or near perfect attendence is needed. In your course you will learning the skills and knowledge that is necessary to pass your states CNA certification test, which the curriculum is taught through in class training administered by a RN or LVN, skills labratories as well as training in a clinical setting. Depending on your states rules and regulations for minimum hours, your accredited CNA certification course will last a minimum of 75 to 150 total hours.
  4. The next step is to take the CNA certification examination, which will either be offered at the same place that you did your training like if you do it through the Red Cross, or at a designated location which is provided after you have successfully completed your nursing aide certification course. The test will consist of two portions, the first being a written test which one will have to answer at leat 80 percent of them correctly in order to move onto the skills test portion which will consist of a host of different patient skills that the test take must demonstrate correctly, which all must be done correctly in which 3 chances are give for each skill demonstration. It should be known that there are also requirements to take the CNA exam, which can consist of providing another clean background check as well as a negative tuberculosis (TB) test among others. One gets three chances to pass both portions of the CNA certification exam, in which if one doesn’t pass after the third attempt they must take a certification course again before they are able to take the CNA test again. A couple major competency evualation providers are Pearson Vue as well as Prometric, which often times offer free practice tests that can help you prepare for your CNA testing, which is highly suggested that one utilizes.
  5. Once you have passed both portions of the CNA test, you will be awarded your CNA certification which will come in the the mail, usually within a maximum of 2 weeks, also coming with locations in your immediate area that hire CNA’s that you can apply to.

Now these are the steps one takes to obtain their certified nursing assistant certification, which this is the suggested route as going through an accredited course is both advised as well as provide you the best skillsets and knowledge that will equate to the student having the ability to provide to best care possible. Now a more indirect way would be to challenge the CNA certification competency test in your state without having compelete a certified nursing aide certification course, which some states do allow which if you want to go this route, then the best thing to do is to contact your states nurse aide registry to see if this is valid option or not. The other thing is that many states demand that you obtained training from an accredited CNA certification course to be able to obtain employment in your state.

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