CNA Certification Test – What You Will Be Tested On

April 22, 2012

CNA Certification Test

CNA Certification Test

Getting a passing score on your CNA certification test is the final barrier that you need to break through to be able to start working as a certified nursing assistant. Depeding on which state you live in, the minimum score can vary but the general standards for pass rates include answering 80% of the questions on your written test and performing correctly all the practical skills test demonstrations that you are asked to give.

Written CNA Certification Test

Now when it comes to the written or also known as the multiple choice section of your CNA testing, you will be required to take it on a computer, which the test goes two directions, one being that if you answer questions correctly then the test will get more difficult, challenging your knowledge more and more with every question, the second way being when one doesn’t answer the CNA test questions right which the test actually gets easier. So essentially the harder your CNA certification test gets, the better you are doing which means the more of a chance you have to pass the test and earn your CNA certification. This part of your testing will have to do with all the theoretical knowledge that you learned as well as other information pertaining to providing optimal care for the patient.

Practical CNA Certification Test

It should be known that in order to be aloud to partake in the practical part of your CNA competency exam, it is a must that you first pass the written part. After it has been verified that you got at leat the minimum correct to suffice the pass rate, you will then go up in front of either one person or a panel of people where they will ask you to show them certain skills that related to caring for patients, skills that will be vital for you to have on the job. This part usually includes 3 and at most 5 questions that you will need to show, which like it was said above they all need to be carried out successfully. Although this may seem extreme, you will get 3 tries on each to show that you can do it the right way.

Who Can Take the CNA Certification Test?

Technically anyone can take it if your state permits anyone to challenge the CNA certification exam without doing your CNA training through an accredited school, which some states do. But even through this may be the case for your state, it is still suggested that one does their training through an accredited training course as doing so will give you the main credential needed to qualify for being able to take the exam and optimally prepare you for experiencing success on the exam, keeping your from having to take it again and again, which you are aloud to take the CNA certification test 3 times before you have to repeat an accredited training course. Now you may be asking yourself how you can find accredited courses, which the easiest way find them in your area is to phone your states CNA registry as they hold knowledge of the whereabouts of all the accredited training classes in your area.


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