Cheap Or Free CNA Training In Rochester NY

August 9, 2011

CNA training in Rochester NY

CNA training in Rochester NY

This article is for all the aspiring certified nursing aides looking for CNA training in Rochester NY at a discounted or free price. If you live in Rochester and are looking to get certified as a CNA but don’t know what your options are, the list below ill provide you with multiple locations that provide CNA training in Rochester NY or near the area, as well as the major detials of these facilities so that you can find one that best suites what you are looking for in a CNA training atmosphere.

CNA training in Rochester NY

It is pretty slim pickings when it comes to finding CNA training in Rochester NY, but there is two which will be mentioned as well as facilites near Rochester that offer training at a dsicounted or free price for tuition. Although there are over 1o different places that provides CNA training in Rochester NY area or near there, here is a list of 4 different locations that provide the possibility of receiving free training. Here is the list:

  • The first option for CNA training in Rochester Ny is at Monroe Community College which has a CNA training class provided both on campus as well as online. There are many benefits to doing your training at this location. The first postive is that it is at a college campus which usually means that excellent financial aide options are available to students who inquire. Another benefit to this CNA training in Rochester NY method is that often times they have training online where you can choose when and where you want to learn as the online class is offered at all hours of the day for you to train through.
  • The next choice when it comes to CNA training in Rochester NY is Rochester Educational Opportunity Center which offers CNA classes. The obvious perk about this one is that it is free of cost to many students who qualify as well as being a very accredited program that has launched many CNA careers. They also offer a couple different classes itineraries that allow you to still work a job as well as do your training.
  • The next location which offers CNA training in Rochester NY area is called Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing which offers CNA courses. They offer very competitive tuition fees as well as have been perfecting their craft for over 50 years as they starting teach to nursing trade back in 1956.
  • Lastly, Finger Lakes Community College also offers training classes in multiple locations near Rochester being Geneva, Webster, Mount Morris and Canadaiqua. Doing your training through any of these Finger Lake programs will give you the chance to recieve very reputable training as well as financial aide options to their students that will result in a large discount of the original tuition cost.

CNA training in Rochester Ny – Conclusion

At all of these CNA training in Rochester NY locations, you will be taught many different things that involve patient care to prepare you for you CNA testing which will include both multiple choice testing as well as a acted out version. These different CNA training in Rochester Ny training locations will prepare you for your career at the utmost level of up to date training, training you need to both excel in your career as well as giving you the experience to move onto the next step in the nursing feild if you choose to do so.



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