Duties Of A Certified Nursing Assistant

September 3, 2011

Duties Of  A Certified Nursing Assistant

Duties Of  A Certified Nursing Assistant

There are many duties of a certified nursing assistant that take up the hours in your daily shift. If you are thinking of becoming, we will give you a major overview about what the job consists detailing all the of the duties of a certified nursing assistant so that you will be prepared for what you will encounter if you decide to go into the fulfilling career of a CNA.

Duties Of A Certified Nursing Assistant

Below is a list of CNA duties that all nurses aides do on the job. Although this isn’t every single duty you will be doing, it provides a look into most of the jobs you will be doing.

  1. You will be taking your patients vital signs like heartrate, blood pressure, temperature and respiration among others.
  2. Assisting patients in activities that they are either unable to do or have difficulty doing like dressing, dressing, hygene as well as helping them eat. This will also include helping patients up and down from beds as well as toilets.
  3. Duties of a certified nursing assistant also include escorting your patients to different places like the cafeteria, game room, x rays, as well as accompanying them to and from care locations that are outside of your care facility.
  4. Changing bed pans as well as changing bed sheets are also in the CNA job description
  5. The most important of all is going to be building relationships with your patients so that they trust you as well as feel comfortable in their new environment.
  6. You will also be relaying information related to your patients to either the RN you are working with as well as the CNA that comes on after the conclusion of your shift. . This is also refered to as charting, which some of the information you will chart will be vital signs, moods of patients, restroom speficifications, medication changes, behavior, negative or positive changes in their condition, as well as meal and liquid intake.
  7. Duties of a certified nursing assistance also include that when patients go home, you will be detailing all that they need to know to ensure the care of their loved one.
  8. Assisting in the set up of medical equiptment in your patients rooms, as well as keeping the rooms clean and straightened up. You will also need to clean and steralize this equiptment.
  9. You will also be attending to signal calls that are coming from your patients.
  10. Being that bedsores can easily develope with patients, you will be turning bedriddent patients to limit as well as avoid them getting bedsores.
  11. Helping in the regulation in the amount of visitors each patient has as sometimes to many visitors can be overwhelming to both patients as well as staff. This also includes giving the visitors about the patient, like if they need to wear a facial mask, keep a certain distance away from thee pateint, etc.
  12. Helping patients use the restroom is another one of the duties of a certified nurses assistant.
  13. You will aslo be changing out catheder bags.
  14. If you are caring for a patient at their home, also known as hospice care, you will most likely be cooking meals for your patient.




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