Certified Nursing Aide

August 10, 2011

Certified Nursing Aide

Certified Nursing Aide

Being a certified nursing aide has it’s ups and downs, just like any other job or career, but do the benefits outweigh the negatives aspects when it comes to working as a certified nursing aide? That is what this article will provide you with, in the form of pros and cons allowing you to be the one that decides if the good is good enough, or if you should move onto the next career choice.

Certified Nursing Aide – Pros

First off you can become a certified nursing aide with in as little as 2-8 weeks and after that you have the opportunity to work a job that can earn you a salary that is around 32000 which is the avergage CNA salary in the USA. So right off the bat this aspect is great, here are some benefits:

  • Being a certified nursing aide will give you the experience you need to both advance in your career past the CNA profession, like going onto being an RN. It will also provide you with a foot in the door where you will work in an environment where you can build up a good name as a CNA and be the first pick for a job if you choose to head for greener pastures.
  • As many current certified nursing aide say, one of the best parts about being a CNA is that you get to form excellent relationships with clients as well as make a difference in these patients lives on a daily basis.
  • Another great aspect that CNA’s have doted upon is the fact that the job prepares them to react better to serious situations, both inside and outside of their working environment, allowing them to be able to be proactive in serious situations instead of making mistakes or freezing.
  • Being a certified nursing aide allows you be have a job anywhere around the world. Once you get certified, you can work anywhere you choose and don’t have to worry about staying local.
  • Many long term relationships will grow with other certified nursing aides. You will make friends that are also CNA’s that you can hang out with as well as learn from eachother.

Certified Nursing Aide – CONS

  • The biggest drawback that many CNA’s feel is a negative to the job is that it is very demanding and often times overwhelming because of things like, not enough staff or being that there is a lot going on at all times.
  • Being that you a be pretty much on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to seniority, you are often times given the dirty work as a certified nursing aide.
  • You must have a tough stomach as a certified nursing aide because some of the things you will be doing are what most people might consider to be gross.
  • There are many times where patients get anxious or argumental. This has been a negative that many certified nursing aides have said to be a downside. Altough you are taught how to use language in schooling that makes clients settle down.
  • Lastly an aspect that has said to be a drag is the end of the day charting. This is when you have to remember and write down many details about the day pertainin to your clients and has said to be sometimes tough to remember as well as a task that they would rather not do.

Certified Nursing Aide – Conclusion

Now that you know the good, bad and ugly when it comes to being a certified nursing aide, you can decide whether the good outweighs that bad. Although there are multiple negative parts about being a certified nursing aide, there are many benefits as well that will bring one a decent salary, a fulfilling and respected career as well as setting you up for advancment later on down the line making being a CNA a pretty good choice when it comes to picking profession.

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