Certifed Nurses Aide – Job Description

August 2, 2011

Certified Nurses Aide

Certified Nurses Aide

Are you looking for the details of what the daily grind of being a certified nurses aide consists of? If so dont worry, this article has you covered. Either you are looking for the job description of a certified nurses aide because you are getting into the profession or are looking to get more information because you are contemplating going down the career path of a CNA, both reasons will be provided with the information you need in order to familiarize yourself with what your days will be filled with as fars as certified nurses aide activities go.

Certified Nurses Aide – Job Activities

Here is a list of what you will be doing on your job as a CNA. Although this is not a complete list, it contains most of what is involved in the job description.

  1. One of the things that you will be doing a lot as a certified nurses aide is checking vitals of patients like tempurature and heart rate among others.
  2. Turning over patients to avoid them getting bedsores.
  3. Assisting patients when they need to get up from their bed and wheel chair.
  4. Also assisting in feed activities whether it is helping a patient with eating and/or bringing a patient their food trays.
  5. Also in the food catergory, you will be monitoring the intake a noting in changes in eating habits.
  6. Often times you will be helping in the preperating of these food trays.
  7. Helping patients with changing clothes as well as swapping out bed spreading for new clean ones.
  8. Helping patients with recreational activities like bringing them to where the activities are taking place and giving patients activities that they can do in their own room.
  9. You will also be required to relay your charted information along with anything else that is noteworth to the certified nurses aide that comes in after your shift is over.
  10. Just a general upkeep of patients rooms, nothing major just minor straightening up.
  11. Assisting in the bathing and overall cleanliness as well as toilet use to patients who are in need of this help.
  12. Probably the most important activity that you will be partaking in as a certified nurses aide is that daily interaction with patients making them feel at home in the foreign enviroment for new patients, as well as developing relationships with them.

This list is a near complete list of what you will be doing each day as a certified nursing assistant. Although this may seem like a lot, it becomes pretty much second nature like anything else that you have learned in the past. during your shift which are usually around 8 hours, you will be given a total of one hour of break. This break doesn’t have to be taken all at once, it can be broken apart like taking a half an hour for lunch and then breaking up the shift with two 15 minute breaks.

Conclusion to a Certified Nurses Aide Job Description

This is pretty much what consists the certified nurses aide work environment, although there are two types of work places that CNA’s may be working in. These work places are either in the hospital or out of hosptial at for example, nursing and foster homes or care for a patient that lives at home. Though these are different environments, the list of daily activities is very similiar when it comes to what you will be doing as a certified nurses aide.


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