Nursing Aide – Life as a CNA

August 9, 2011

Life As A Nursing Aide

Nursing Aide

If you are debating on whether or not to go through with becoming a nursing aide, this is a must read for potential CNA’s as it shows you all the great aspects of becoming a nursing aide. This article will give you multiple benefits of all the benefits of becoming a nursing aide from before you get your certification, during your career as well as the benefits of a potential future after being a certified nurses assistant.

Nursing Aide – Benefits

Becoming a nursing aide can bring one a fulfilling career and sense of pride, but it brings much more than this here, some of the great things about being a nursing aide are listed below:

  • First off, becoming a nursing aide can be done in as little as 2-8 weeks, and when this is over, you will be applying to jobs where you will be earn a salary, the same pay as a lot of 4 year degrees provide, and you can do it in weeks! Oh and also, this training only runs you around 800 dollars or less, and there are ways that you can get it for free as well, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a 4 year college.
  • Being a nursing aide will also put you in a great place to get the training and experience you need in order to advance in your career if you choose to. When it comes to advancement, when you have been workign as a CNA and are ready to take the next step in your career, you will also have the contacts in the industry as well as being favored to advance over other applicants because you put time in as a CNA.
  • Another great part about being a nursing aide that many different CNA’s have loved about the job is that you will be able to adapt to serious situations a lot easier, both on and off the job allowing you to be proactive in serious situations, instead of freezing.
  • Being a nursing aide allows you to work anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. Best of all, it gives you a wide variety of employment choices instead of just being forced to one place. Some places that nursing aides work are as follows: nursing homes, elementary schools, hostpitals, long term care facilities and pyscicians offices among many others.
  • Lasting relationships with patients grow out of being a nursing aide as you have direct contact with the patients all day. The fact that you will be having a great impact on multiple lives is one of the main reasons that people become CNA’s.
  • Along with having a respectable career, you will be tending to people who desperately need help which is a incredible.
  • It may sound corny but you can go to work everyday knowing that what you do is making a difference in countless lives.

Nursing Aide – Conclusion

As you can tell now, becoming a nursing aide has benefits that exist both before getting certified, during your actual CNA shifts as well as the starting line of what can fold out to be a promising career in the nursing feild if you choose to advance past being a CNA. Becoming a nursing aide is both fast and cheap and will put you in the drivers seat when it comes to how far you want to go with your career as well a providing a career that you will be proud of.


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