Becoming A CNA – What It Can Do For You & Requirements

April 1, 2012

What Becoming a CNA Can Do For You

Becoming A CNA

Becoming a CNA in today day and age will really position you greatly for a secure job as well as provide you with exceptional hands on experience that can allow you to get to know the health care profession and maybe even choose to advance in your career to a higher position in the feild. Becoming a certified nursing assistant will also provide you with a salary that often times comes with a host of different great benefits, which CNA’s today make anywhere from $25,000 to as high as $35,000. You will also be steping into a career that is highly demanded as according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there is going to be an increase in job growth for the CNA profession that is higher compared to the average for any other career in the next ten years.

Requirements For Becoming a CNA

You  can become a CNA in a matter of a few weeks as the general timeframe for CNA certification courses tend to last anywhere from three to at the higher end twelve weeks. Getting your education through an accredited CNA training school isn’t exactly required out of you to take your states CNA certification test, as many states allow test takers to take the test without doing a training course, but it is highly advised that you do so as it will provide you with the best education and training so you can provide the best care as well as look much better on a resume. Now finding a accredited courses can be easy if you know where to look, which the most direct route to finding an accredited CNA course in your area is to contact your states nurse aide registry which they can help you in locating a course that will suffice.

Now the requirements for getting in to a CNA course can vary, but you will want to make sure to have all of them before you apply, which you can find all the requirements for admission into the course by contacting the course directly by phone. Some of the requirements that are usually needed to be fulfilled by applicants included; a good work history, a clean backgound check, a high school education, proof that you have had your immunizations, that you are physically capable of performing as a CNA among others.

After you have finished your CNA training, the next step to becoming a CNA is going to be taking your state CNA exam, which will challenge the knowlege you learned during your training in the ways, which are a multiple choice exam as well as a clinical exam or a test where you need to demonstrate your skills that have to deal with providing patient care. As soon as you pass your test, you will be officially certified which you will get a letter of certification in the mail shortly thereafter, allowing you to apply as a certified nurse assistant at places in your area like physicians offices, hospitals, elderly care locations or essentially any place that hires nurses as nurse aides are needed to assist them.

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